Pandora's Box

(or..."You Are Here Department")
      We are in the corner of Heaven where an Absolute Love allows itself to be forgotten -- in a Spiritual Dreamtime.  An Infinite and Eternal Being can dream it is an infinite number of finite temporal -- mortal -- beings spread throughout ALL time and space. 

Our existence in physical form is the Spiritual Dreamtime of One Being.

We can't leave from what we are; we can only fall asleep to it.

Collage artwork stolen from John Findly and Robert Williams

From the Absolute Love's Absolute Logical Mind reference and using a mathematical analogy -- infinities within infinities within infinities...infinitely, we are in and just above the area of a dark spot in the Spiritual Fractal.  Physical form lies in and just above the zero area of this Spiritual Fractal. 

(or another bible story)
          Most spiritual events and world religions involve a 'shamnic journey', a spiritual walkabout if you will.  A person questions a pardigm, leaves the paradigm (usually physically), and enters a 'wilderness', which in most cases means going out into a physical wilderness.  When they come back into the the original paradigm, they use examples from the paradigm -- allegories or parables -- to help express what they found (which may be something that is unexpressable).  (see Allegory of the Cave, Plato's Republic)
          In other words, traditionally, a person goes out into the wilderness to find God/Goddess and comes back to others to express what they have found.
          In Abraham's time, there were large cities and temples throughout these cities.  Many of these temples served a pantheon of deities -- a number of different god's.  Traditionally, there would be offering plates before or regarding each deity.  Individuals would usually perform some ritual which involved something like, "God of _blank_, if you give me _blank_, I will give you _blank_.  In other words, try to strike a bargain with the 'divine' in order to get a specific desire.

          With the Covenant, this a case where the Namless Desert God comes out of the wilderness and strikes a deal with a man -- Abraham.  What's the deal?  "If you worship me and follow my laws, I will take care of your children's children's children as long as you worship me and follow my laws."  The Judaic religion is the only contract religion in the world.  From this Covenant we get the Judaic, Christian, and Islamic religions.
          Because the Namless Desert God was namless, formless, everywhere..., there appears to be a physical intermediary -- the priest king  Melchizedek.  It is a reasonable assumption that Abraham's dialogues with God's angel where dialogues with Melchizedek.
          It is also a reasonable assumption that it was Melchizedek (or of his entourage) who went to Sodom and Gommorah.  Sodom and Gommorah appears to serve two major purposes in the Covenant.  One was to show what is unacceptable behavior within the Covenant.  The other major effect that the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah had was it drove home the point, to Abraham, about Who he just made a deal with.

          Where is this going?  The bible is pretty much accounts of, with a number of exceptions, how God kept his part of the bargain and Man blew his side.  Some of the fulfilled promises are:

  • A promise was made to Abraham that a great nation would be made from him and Israel is a world power to be reckoned with.
  • A promise was made that they would be given a king in the tradition of Melchizedek -- a priest king -- and Christianity is born. 
          There were a number of other promises that were kept along the way and these are some of the major ones.  In the process the Namless One gets a name -- I AM -- and a family grows into a multitude.

          With the second appearance of priest king -- Jesus, the Covenant was extended to everybody and simplified with only two laws: Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul and extending that Love by doing onto others... 
          Jesus also introduced an interesting concept.  When somebody was passing through, doing what Jesus was doing (teaching and healing), and they where not doing it in the Hebrew God's name, but in a different religion, his disciples wanted to beat the person and drive him away with sticks.  Jesus responded with leave him alone.  Those who aren't against me are with me, was his response. 
          Which implies that if you worship a God/Goddess/Universe with Love being its primary element and you use the above two rules, then you are in the Covenant whether you believe it or not.

          So, what about the promise of the third appearance of the priest king within the Covenant?  That may be difficult to call.  First off, something that Jesus said, "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father -- Matthew 24:36.  That can mean even the person who may be playing the 'title role' won't know how the 'song' goes.  This makes it very difficult to call who, what, where, when...,
          Tack on something from  Revelations -- letters to the congregations -- the title role appears to be up for grabs. Each letter has a phrase, "He who has an ear, let him hear..." before or following a sentence like, "He who conquers shall sit with the Father as I sit with the Father -- Rev. 3:21.  With the last part of the "he who conquers..." changing in each letter. 
          The overall impression is that the third appearance of the priest king within the Covenant will go to the person who conquers himself.  Or like a verse from the song I'm Free from the rock opera Tommy, by The Who goes:

If I told you what it took to reach the highest highs,
You'd laugh and say nothing's that simple.
And you've been told many times before,
Messiahs pointed to the door,
And no one's had the guts to leave the temple.
I'm free. 

         You see, it appears that music is involved as well.  We will return to this one later.

          Leaving that track of clues alone for awhile, what about other clues?  One sign is Israel becoming a nation.  Which, at least sets a time reference.  This is because of something that Jesus -- the previous priest king -- said and that was that the generation that witnessed this unique sign, would be the generation that would witness His -- priest king -- return and all of the prophecies fulfilled -- Matthew 24:32.  (All the signs would be seen by one generation.)  This at least gives us a 'head's up.
          There are lots of clues or signs of the "bad guys"?  The idea is to maybe isolate one sign (one hard to fake) and follow an apparent trail that was left, and so.....................................

Footprints of the Beast
(Or...a "Days of Futures Past" Department)

Footprints of the Beast - 1
It's 'lights, action, and camera' as the stage is set with a quote from a prophecy.

          One of the first introductions and signs of the Beast that man has in writing is, "And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men."(1)

          Exploding an H-bomb -- thermonuclear device -- is like touching the planet with a piece of the sun or a star.  In addition, since “the kingdom of Heaven is within you and without you’, and with the 'Lathe of Heaven’ sustaining physical form on a sub-atomic level, any release of atomic energy is a release of the fire that sustains and is in physical form – the fire of Heaven.

Next!  The Beast has a ‘coming out party’ and is named.

Footprints of the Beast - 2
An exiting president points out there is an elephant in the room and gives it a handle.

          In the fifties, the Beast grew in a nutrient of paranoia and fear of, “those Godless communists”.  At the fifties end, President Eisenhower in his last speech as president warned America and the world about “something that has never been seen in the history of man”, the military-industrial complex.

Next, Mr. Beast goes to Washington

Footprints of the Beast - 3
The Beast does a “Texas two-step” in a coup de ville.  Or, was it a coup de tat? (It was one of those cars that can take you to Hell in style.)

          November, 1963 the Beast takes over in a relatively bloodless coup the American government.  It then creates an environment in which it flourishes and plunged America into war for the next 10 years, an environment in which thrives. 
          Even though there is filmed evidence of the back of Kennedy's head being blown off, through distraction, misdirection, dis-information, and misinformation it convinces the American people that their “patsy” did it from behind, alone, and its "miracle bullet" story is accepted as the true one. 
          For some of details of the steps of this Texas two-step dance see the movie JFK (based on factual evidence).

Next, the Beast has a nesting instinct.

Footprints of the Beast - 4
The Beast gets cuddly with the media and rids itself of some troublesome heroes.

          In the years of the Viet Nam war, the Beast appears to have entrenched itself into the American psyche and it refines the “patsy” concept.  It recognized that one unstable person (under its in-direct direction) can have the same effect as large organized operations.  The result is those that would oppose their agenda were eventually taken off the playing field.  In the mean time, it fed the America misinformation until the dead bodies coming home called it a liar.(2)

Next, the Beast suffers a minor set back and upgrades its “patsies”

Footprints of the Beast - 5
A president acts as a ‘fall guy’ while the Beast goes underground.

          Too much attention was being directed towards the Beast; so it gave America a sacrificial goat – another of its patsies – as a distraction.  As most of the blame of Viet Nam landed on Nixon, the Beast retired to the shadows.   It had to; for the Beast also lost its formerly replenishable manpower pool – the draft.   In these shadows, the Beast appears to have regrouped and restructured its strategy.  Yet, from these shadows, anybody who conflicted with the Beast's agenda met with an orchestrated organized resistance.

Next, the Beast gets intimate with a camera.

Footprints of the Beast - 6
The Beast learns that the best way to get your story told is to own the newspaper.

          By this time, the Beast has grown.  The pyramid it sits on needs the people at its base.  So it entertains them with what they want to hear.  Tentacles are put into anything that concerns it.  This way if anything comes up that may pose a threat, manipulation can start early. 
          (In the early 70’s, there was a ‘Counter Culture’ conference in L.A.  It wasn't big, maybe 100 people.  [Some of them were part of the Big Sur – San Francisco migration – original hippies]  The first day, the people who put on the conference rioted.  The reason being was about one third of their number wasn't who they said they were.  Many of the people there were obviously from agencies.)
          A president -- Carter -- whose agenda conflicted with the Beast's agenda was made to look the fool.

Next, Puppet presidents and you can't see their lips move.

Footprints of the Beast - 7
Politicians come and go, but civil servants are forever.

          To help it work around election agendas the Beast's tentacle's – people – worked salary.  It also worked around whoever was in office.  While, promoting anybody who's agenda was in sympathy with the Beast.   It got a cowboy actor into the white house, one whose agenda had a lot of points in common with the Beast's agenda; and the Beast appears to grow in the background like in the 50s. 

Next, where did the party go?

Footprints of the Beast - 8
 A curtain falls and the Beast looses a bogeyman.

          The fall of the ‘iron curtain’ and the collapse of communism took away a useful tool.  The Beast's ‘bogeyman’ was lost.  It had to find another ‘bogeyman’ to keep people occupied.  Fortunately, there was one already in the wings.  The problem was terrorism didn't have the same impact as communism; it was too esoteric.  America had to be shown that the ‘bogeyman’ is among them; so the government was made a target. The Beast got everybody's attention in Oklahoma.  (trivia: though the rest of the building was beginning daily activities, the government offices -- the suspected proposed target, appear to be empty on that normal business day)
          The best way to get sympathy for your agenda is to make yourself look like the target of some horror.

Next, that guy has got to go.

Footprints of the Beast - 9
The Beast looses some ground and goes on a diet.

          Somebody gets into the white house whose agenda has some compatibility issues with the Beast and decided to turned “swords into plowshares”.  That president saw that to save money, and with no communistic threat, the Beast needed to loose weight.  This was a no-no.  So the Beast appears to have done everything it could to get a president impeached for lying about getting a blow-job. 

Next, the ‘Texas two-step’ hits Broadway with full orchestra and choir.

Footprints of the Beast - 10
New York dials 911.

          There are so many claw marks on 9/11 that it looks like an X-man was there.  The two marks that stand out the most is the shadow on the bottom of the second plane that shouldn't be there and the hole in the Pentagon being too small and to clean (not to mention that one of the most ‘secure’ buildings in America just happened to have its security cameras off just on that side of the building that day and just happened to  be deserted because it "was under construction"???). 
          Again, the Beast makes itself look the victim and it garners sympathy to elements of its agenda.  “Upsetting images” are taken off the air before too many people saw the ‘strings’ and can recognize glitches. Meanwhile, the public hears and sees what the Beast wants it to hear and see.

Next, a puppet president plays political policy pieces.
(say that 10 times real fast)

Footprints of the Beast - 11
A “war president” wannabe gets to play with soldiers.

          The president who was elected under questionable circumstances becomes the puppet -- new patsy.  Having created a fear, a focus for that fear, and a solution, the Beast takes America to war – an environment in which the Beast thrives.  (Is this beginning to sound familiar?)  Its tentacle in the white house plays America into working in sympathy with the Beast's agenda lines.  While, the Beast is in seventh heaven because it gets to play with its toys in two sandboxes -- Iraq and Afghanistan. 
          Meanwhile, some of the Beast's tentacles begins a strangle hold on the American Constitution.

Next, it can't happen here.

Footprints of the Beast - 12
Keeping your head down ain’t gonna help.

          By this time and after years of war, the Beast is so entrenched, that politicians can come and go.  Since distraction is one of its major tools, it distracts elected officials (and the public they must answer to) from non-Beast friendly issues.  When a sequence of disasters hit the gulf, the Beast has shown that the government no longer serves the people. 
          While, Beast ‘claw marks’ can be found in every airport security check point.

Next, where the story becomes really scary. 

Footprints of the Beast - 13
A return to the beginning script, or the original love/hate relationship

          Unlike the Death Star, the Beast has a multitude of weaknesses it's overlooked.  And, because how this “Footprint“ sequence began, this "passion play" may be a little bigger than you might imagine.  The first ‘footprint’ set the stage with a quote from the last chapter of a book concerning the Covenant -- talks about God a lot.  Assuming the stage that has been set is God's play, then anybody and/or everybody can play a role.  Absolute Love allows everybody to be an actor and author in this play.  This includes the people that make up the Beast today. 
          It is a mistake to underestimate God.  Because of this, the details of how this story ends may surprise everybody. 
In addition, with any successful spiritual quest or intitation, the last step is GOD's.

          So, how does the play end in the original script or expressed in other ways?  A some hints may be:

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you and without you”
“There is no need for help to enter Heaven for you have never left.”
A Course in Miracles
“The sleeper must awaken.”
“Moses comes riding up on a quasar.”
Grateful Dead
Next??? “Look out for those saints are coming through. 
 And it's all over now, baby blue.”
(Bob Dylan)

1) Revelation 13:13
2)For an idea on the Beast's methodologies, refer to the N.I.C.E Corporation in C. S. Lewis’ science fiction and horror trilogy, "Perelandra“,  Specifically, the last book, "That Hideous Strength” gives a picture of the type of machinations the Beast uses.

Weaknesses of the Beast
Weaknesses of the Beast
TheRapist Gestalt

          A gestalt is something more than the sum total of its parts.  The Beast is a gestalt being.  Your body is a gestalt of the microorganisms that make it up.  A change in some critical content elements, changes the gestalt. The Beast's gestalt involves a pyramid of a myriad of people in a Consensual reality – reality of agreement.  (All symbolic communication is a Consensual reality.  Without the agreement on the meaning of words, there would be no symbolic communication.  All culture, government, language, etc. are Consensual realities.(1)

         Any Consensual reality is in constant need of re-enforcement.  If agreement stops, the Consensual reality collapses.  As the intentions of the people who make up the pyramid change and as those people come and go; this changes the pyramid, the Beast's gestalt changes. 

          This applies to the gestalt's ‘core memory’ as well.

Weaknesses of the Beast
Truth --1, Untruth --0

          Truth can withstand any amount of honest – answer seeking -- questioning.  It is untruth, delusion, and illusion that cannot withstand questioning.  Questioning gravity has no effect on gravity. 
          Truth – laws of Creation -- is invulnerable, immovable, and everywhere at once.  Bring the untruth to the Truth; Truth itself is unmovable.  (Mystical secret # 1,827,915.2) 
           In addition, Truth is Eternally constant; it never changes.

          When untruth is brought to the Truth, it must give way like absolute darkness must give way to a match.  The Beast will not directly confront Truth.  The Beast will attack Truth from a distance, where it's ‘safe’.  It avoids direct contact; just because, contact means it can automatically dissolve into the ‘special case’ of Truth that it is.  Consequently, a major tool of untruth is distraction.
          This dissolution happens whenever untruth is brought to the Truth.  Since Truth is Loves Logic and this Love is a closed system – all encompassing – any untruth brought to the Truth automatically takes its place, as a 'special case', in the Absolute Truth Matrix. 

          The Beast has an amorphous fluid structure; it is constantly subject to change.  This makes it difficult to find its ‘head’ and ‘heart’; while it presents all kinds of weaknesses.  Since the majority of the Beast's gestalt has untruth in its conceptual matrix, wherever there is an untruth there is a weak point. 
         Introduce truth into any untruth based gestalt and the untruth in the gestalt must give way or ‘fight the infection’, attack the source.  If it doesn't, the gestalt self destructs.  It will tear itself apart from the inside. 

Weaknesses of the Beast
“Don't look at me!”

          Because the Beast is a gestalt and because of its’ ‘allergic reaction’ reaction to Truth, the Beast hides the untruth of what it is doing with hidden agendas.  It has to do this to maintain the participation of the pyramid of people that constitutes the Beast.  Honest questioning has been the bane of the Beast.

          If to much truth comes out – some elements of the agenda become known, it can erode away the Consensual reality pyramid structure of people it is dependent on.  It is the fashion or history of the Beast – untruth -- to distract, attack the messenger, manipulate, misinform, ostracize, imprison, or murder.(2)   Untruth will do anything; just as long as the current Consensual reality that sustains it is maintained, and Truth is not present in your mind . 
          Any Consensual reality will collapse if someone comes along and disagrees with it.  Therefore the Beast must hide its operations.  The Beast uses to the biblical trick of “don't let the left hand know what the right hand is doing”.

          Or, using another biblical reference, “Those who doeth evil hate the light.”

Weaknesses of the Beast
The jellyfish's skeleton

          As stated previously, the untruth in the Beast's Consensual reality is in constant need of re-enforcement.  (Every time a word is used in a conversation – A Consensual reality, its meaning is re-enforced)  Therefore the Beast must constantly re-enforce elements of the Consensual reality pyramid of people that make it up.  This also means the Beast is in constant need of re-enforcing fallacial – untrue -- concepts.  These fallacial concepts give the Beast's skeleton a ‘house of cards’ structure. 

          Some examples of these concepts are:

  • Competition or nationality works; or, ‘we’ have to protect ourselves from ‘them’.  (Where, in truth, history and natural evolution has taught that cooperation always works better than competition, whether it be in the insect world, mammal world, with people, or people's interaction with the environment.) 
  • Karma can be circumvented; or, “I can get away with murder if I want.”  (This is like saying you can cancel Newton's Third Law of Motion.)
  • You can distract all of the people all of the time; or, everybody can be lead around indefinitely.  (This is an underestimation of the Truth in people's mind's)
  • Material, money, oil, electricity etc. is power; or, “Mine, it's all mine!”  (They are all a form of Consensual reality power; outside of the Consensual reality, they are meaningless to gravity.)(3) 
          These are just some of the examples of the fragility of the Beast's existence. If fallacial concepts like these are not re-enforced, the Beast's gestalt automatically collapses.
Weaknesses of the Beast
The game is rigged.

          It's a closed system.  All physical form is a closed system in God's Love.  Given time, any untruth based Consensual reality existing in this close system creates its own downfall.  The reasoning is simple.  Truth is the “laws by which something works”.  The Consensual reality collapses just because it is not working in the laws of Universal existence.  This makes our contending with the Beast more of a form of “damage control”.  (Putting the Beast on a leash couldn't hurt either; and, the Beast hates being laughed at.) 

          On an individual level, remember the God (or however you perceive Divine Love) that is within you and around you in your every moment.  Application of Love's Logic – Universal/Eternal Truths – can give you a place to stand that never moves.  “…try to see a little further.”  Truth also gives you a reference for questioning -- the bane of the Beast. 

          Once some of the truths of untruth become known, agreement can stop.  Again...with the loss of agreement, a Consensual reality collapses.

Weaknesses of the Beast
(A Summation)

  In terms of Creative and destructive energy and how they interact -- their Way, there are a number of approaches.

   If the destructive energy stems from an individual, the approach is to forgive and ignore or place no attachment on it.  There are a number of reasons for this.  One is two mages fighting each other is a lose/lose situation.  All power comes from God -- "The Force".  Two mages fighting each other is like trying to pit God against God – to split God.  The Universe will teach them the folly of their ways. 
  If one mage feels they are coming under attack from another person, forgiving and placing no attachment to the event means only one person is trying to split God.  Karma will come down on the other person's head, "big time".  This is why a battle between mages is more of something of stories and movies.  Self destruction of one or both is usually the end product.

   If you feel the entity is non-corporeal -- a spirit or (?) -- and want to know what defense is there against that, the approach is somewhat similar. 

   First off, creative energy is independent; it can stand alone.  Destructive energy is dependent; it must have something to destroy.  (Not only that, it is in constant need of enforcement or re-enforcement.)  If destructive energy is isolated, it consumes itself.  The bottom line is all destructive energies are a ‘special case’ of creative energy.  The Infinite and Eternal must constantly remove, in order to constantly manifest in the finite/temporal – physical – form.

   And…destructive energy is automatically drawn to creative energy to exist.  So the question is how do you psychically/spiritually protect yourself from this?

  • Most destructive forces are like Dracula.  They can't come in unless invited.  Because they are dependent, there must be something there to support them. 
         You are not your thoughts.  For every thought that comes into your head you have the choice of accepting them, not accepting them, or do nothing.  And…whatever meaning that your thoughts have for you is what you give them.  Because of these choices we make, some of our spiritual problems can be the result of decisions in our life.  And, we may have to look at what we have created to contribute to the situation.  Correct the original error and the problem becomes corrected.  There is nothing there to support the destructive force.
         This is why meditation can be an important factor; learning to ignore or to take control of your mental processes.(4)
  • Like Dracula, destructive forces are mortal -- vulnerable -- when exposed to the light of truth.  “Those who doeth evil, hate the light” type scenario.
       Again, this means questioning the Beast is the Beast's bane.
       Along with that, if you do not know what it is that supports the destructive force in you, another option is in a number of spiritual disciplines including Christian.  The approach is in recognizing your ignorance and giving the destructive force to the Divine, the Universe, God, Force, or Whatever, with no attachment to the outcome.  (The Catholic confessional is a ritualized version of this approach.) 
     When this is done, the destructive entity automatically takes its place as the ‘special case’ that it is within the overview of the Divine Scheme; the entity dissolves into the Truth.  Only in our minds can the concept of God even be called into question.  Even demons must recognize the One Source. 
    Your perception of this Divine is not that important; recognizing God's existence is.  Any finite/temporal perception of the Eternal and Infinite is going to fall short of the actuality.  If Love is involved, it's all the same Being anyway.

     The bottom line is you are God's Creation.  What you really are is invulnerable and absolute.  No destructive force can really hurt who you really are.  What God created in you cannot be undone.  This can be your rock to stand on.


1) I AM A I, Chapter 4, "What's Reality PAPA"
2) Again, for a reference on the Beast's weaknesses, see C. S. Lewis', "Screwtape Letters"
3)Ridiculous moments in history: Xerxes once had the sea whipped because a storm sunk his fleet.
4) For 'how to' meditation instructions, see: I AM A I, Chapter 6 or The Truth Tuning Toolkit  Applications 7 through 10

Meanwhile, another Story in the Background?
(or...What to Look For Department)

    A book -- Revelation -- was originally mentioned in the beginning of this series about the Beast.  (In fact, it is from that book that the name used -- Beast -- comes from.)  A lot of space has gone on about the antagonist in this dance.  Now, a little more about the protaganist in this sceanario.

  In the book of Revelation, there is also what appears to be a concert.  (Revelation 14:1-3)

   "Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion (the God-Head in all its attributes), and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads.  And I heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud peal of thunder.  The sound I heard was like that of harpists playing their harps.  And they sang a new song before the throne and before the four living creatures and the elders (before all existence).  No one could learn the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth."

   Now what if the "thunder" is bass and drums; the "rushing waters" is cymbals and synthesizer?  While guitars are just modified "harps".

Doesn't that sound like an event where something very special happens while being 

   Assuming the "Footprints of the Beats" perceptions and the biblical references are relatively accurate, the tradition has dictated that  someone would come and prepare the way and be the 'voice' crying out a warning about this event from the wilderness.  That 'voice' would be somewhere in the background as the Beast performed its antics. 
  Maybe someone who was part of JFK's inauguration and part of Martin Luther King's million man march on Washington.  And perhaps, he may even have been granted an audience with a Pope.

   Since music seems to be involved, that 'voice' could have directly changed the face of popular music with intelligent, and in the beginning (considering the message), cryptical lyrics.  While, he may even indirectly affect popular music by turning the Beatles on to acid.  ("God moves in strange ways.")  Eventually, he may "take the gloves off" and deliver the gospel directly.
  Meanwhile (again in the background), Uncle John's Band polishes its live performances and delivers the prophetic message.  Perhaps this band may even get a reputation for people following them around because of a 'special something' that sometimes happens at their shows.  (perhaps, the beginning of Revelation's "song"?)

   Could this be that 'voice'?  (Quotes from a leaky memory department)

"You use to be so amused, 
At Napoleon in rags, and the language that he used.
Go to him, he calls to you, and you can't refuse.
When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.
Your invisible, with nothing to conceal.
How does it feel?"


"When the eskimo gets here, everybody runs to him."


"There's a slow train coming."

....................................or, as quoted previously....................

“Look out for those saints are coming through. 
 And it's all over now, baby blue.”

"For those who have ears, let them hear."

  What is the same recurring message that shows up in the music of Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, and Reggae?

A journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a single step.
...Tao te Ching

A spiritual journey ends with
The last step being God's.

An Access Experiment:
An access experiment

Take three slow deep breathes and then
quietly say the name Saint Stephen to yourself -- into your mind. 
Do this three times; then, sit and wait.

"It's just a box of rain
I don't know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
or leave it if you dare."
And now, a word for our Sponsor:
Glory Be to

(and you, God's Creation)