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Exercises for the
Mortal Mind Mechanism
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Application #1 -- Orientation 
This is an introduction tool and the first element to a set of exercises. 
This application defines the work place of this book.  There are no exercises in this first element of the series. 
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Exercise Series Introduction 
      A definition for truth used in this book is, “laws by which something works.”  This ‘toolkit’ gives you numerous applications demonstrating to you how your mind works; and, how it works along a specific set of truths/laws. 
      You do not have to know what these laws/truths are.  Just as, you do not have to know what gravity is to walk.  You just have to apply it.
      The exercises in this series are abridged exercises or labs extracted from the pages of I AM A I, Unfolding the Flower.  This exercise set is offered for those who are looking for the practical how-to mystically orientated exercises without having to endure ponderous philosophies.
      Be advised though, these exercises do serve as an introduction to some ancient ideas that pervade established 'working' mystical or spiritual schools of thought – ponderous philosophies. 

      The parent book I AM A I presents a comprehensive cohesive thought system using a mathematical and scientific based paradigm.  The ‘lab’ for the mystic science textbook (and these exercises) is you-behind-the-eyes and between-your-ears, your mind.  The exercises from the Toolkit have connections within I AM A I’s holistic paradigm.  Consequently, there are footnotes in this exercise series referring to I AM A I text. 
      For those who are interested in such things as God, internal work, the nature of you and the universe, etc., it is suggested you read I AM A I text and read these exercises in their entirety. 

      And, as stated previously, your knowledge of the thought system/construct of I AM A I text is not important to your applications of these exercises.  You do not have to know gravitational physics in order to walk.  Nor…do you have to be an engineer to drive a car.  Absolute – Spiritual -- and Actual – physical -- reality2  truth/laws work when applied independent of belief. 
      In addition, these truths/laws can withstand any amount of questioning; questioning gravity has no affect on gravity. 

      You do not have to believe in Bernoulli’s principle to fly a paper airplane.   You just have to apply it.  That is what this series of exercises is about; to get you to apply specific concepts so that you can see that your mind is more than a two-dimensional sheet of paper; when it can be a three-dimensional airplane or a stork.

      The exercises in this series of applications involve the basic mechanics of your being, how your mind/heart operates.  Because of this, the exercises are generic enough to enhance and be adaptable to most ‘working’ religious and mystical philosophies.  Therefore, taking some of the concepts presented in this book, you may develop some useful personal applications of your own from these exercises using your present personal philosophy.
      The exercises are only introductions to what you can do; they serve as introductions to some concepts – a springboard.  Where the 'lab' applications take you, is up to you.  The intention of writing them here is to just pass some concepts on to you, to open up your mind to what you can do.

      The ‘bottom line’ is you are not your mortal mind.   Your mortal mind is your vehicle in your body just as your body is your vehicle in the physical world.  You are neither.   Just as you learned coordination of your body, it makes perfect sense that you learn coordination of the mind as well.
      This exercise series gives you numerous tools to help you with this.

      Employing the following exercises, there will be an effect on you.  What that effect might be is contingent on numerous variables.3
      Some of these variables are: 

  • your intention behind doing the exercise
  • your attachment to what you are doing
  • the amount of one-point focus (remembering your intention and constancy of exercise execution)
  • how much truth and truth  is programmed in your mind the time of the operation
  • repetition
      The value of many of these exercises becomes apparent when applied over an extended time window and with some repetition.  This is representative of mind programming changes.
      For those of you who have previous experience or knowledge of mysticism or spiritual disciplines, you will find that some of the elements present in the Toolkit’s applications are found in mystical exercises that have been taught for thousands of years. 

      The Peace of God is with you; it never left you.  You are asleep to it.  And…however you use this toolkit, remember: 

    • There is a God.  (And…is just as present with you as you read this as gravity is)
    • Whatever you give to Love, it will use. 
    • Love is not exclusive.
1] The majority of the theory that is presented is for an overview into what you are doing.  (Such as in the 11th and 12th of the series, which are all theory.)
2]I AM A I, Chapter 4.2, ‘What’s Reality Papa?’
3 ] I AM A I, Chapter 5, Formula of Effectiveness

Series Contents
(the toolbox)
Application #1A – Truth Recognition

This tool illustrates the effect truth has in your mind. 
This entry continues from the previous element – the introduction.  It elaborates on the definition of the ‘laboratory’ or the area of application of this series.  In addition, this exercise introduces to you how truth affects your mind, when Truth is present in your mind. 
Application #2 – Not Doing

This is a tool that helps maintain an effective working environment. 
The first two application entries defined the workplace for this series.  This tool helps reduce truth extension/creation within your mind. 
Application #3 – Being Creative

This is an artwork tool that illustrates meditation concepts. 
This exercise is an introduction to the concept of one-point focus on an event – meditation -- by doing artwork; and, it has you make a meditation aid.  In addition, in this application you are making another tool for Application 9B -- Affirmation Chanting.
The templates and figures for this application can be found in the gallery.
Application #4 – That Which Is Around You

This tool helps you access the truth around you by using mundane objects. 
With this application, you are introduced to the idea of perceiving comprehensive truths using mundane objects that are around you.  You do this by thinking in parallels.
Application #5 – Resetting the Mind

This is a tool that helps you reset your mind. 
Here you use a temporal limit of your finite mortal mind to prevent mentation -- thought.
Application #6A – Expanding Perception Through Space

With this tool you are extending your perception past your immediate spatial environment. 
In this application and the next in the series, you are to match your mind – a ’subjective event’ -- to something around you – an ‘objective event’ -- that is not in your immediate temporal/spatial reference. 
Application #6B -- Expanding Perception Through Time
With this tool you are extending your perception past your immediate temporal environment. 
This exercise is similar to the previous one except it involves using imagination – visualization -- to extend your mind into time. 
Application #7A – The Two-sides of the Coin

This tool exposes you to your mind’s perceptual lens makeup. 
The relationship to what you ‘see’ – perception -- and what you ‘want’ – desire -- is demonstrated in this application. The worksheet and a sample worksheet for this exercise are at the end of this series entry.
Application #7B –Before, During, and After

This tool involves preparation of your mental environment for an effective operation and introduces an observation exercise. 
You are to preset your intention and to observe your current state of being before and after an operation.  This operation is an integral part of Applications 8-10 and 13.
Application #8 – Meditation 101

The core concept to all meditations is introduced with this breathing tool. 
This application consists of an exposure to basic meditation using breathing exercises.
Application #9A – Going In

This is an internal meditation tool using a mantra. 
This application exposes you to a one-point focus of using a word vehicle to drop inward.
Application #9B – Going Out

This is an external meditation tool using a mantra and an object. 
In this exercise, you are exposed to an application that is the opposite of the previous exercise.  The one-point focus in this application is on something outside of you – Application 3 yantra or mandala.
Application #9C – Inserting the Divine

This is a devotional meditation tool using a mantra. 
With this application, you are exposed to adding the concept of the Divine to an exercise and how this alters the operation. 
Application #10A – A Non-action Action

This is a mantra-less silent meditation tool. 
This application is an extension of the previous exercises and involves the idea of having your one-point focus on an event being no ‘subjective event’ – no thought.
Application #10B – Riding the Divine

Previous meditation exercises are combined using a name of God in this tool. 
Prior applications are combined in other ways for you to experiment with. 
Application #10C – Variations on a Theme

This tool presents numerous meditation options and variations. 
A number of previous applications are reassembled to introduce other exercise approaches. 
Application #11 – ESP Cultivation

This tool introduces ESP theory. 
Basic theory behind all personal ESP events is presented; the mechanics of how ESP works within you and how you can work with it.  There are no exercises in this entry of the series.
Application #11A – ESP Applications

This entry is a continuation of Application 11 and contains tools for ESP experiments. 
This entry provides you with numerous options in order to cultivate a form 1 ESP event within you. 
Application #12 – Cultivating Telepathy

This tool introduces telepathy theory. 
In this entry in the series, previous ESP theory is extended into a logical conclusion, telepathy.  There are no exercises in this element of the series. 
Application #12A – Telepathy Applications

This tool contains telepathic experiments. 
This application continues the previous series entry on telepathic theory, entry 12.  Cultivation of the bond and experimental approaches are presented here.
Application #13 – Sound of Music

Music is the most powerful spiritual/metaphysical tool that Man has. 
This entry in the series combines previous applications to show how listening to music affects your mind, along with, providing you with numerous application directions. 
Application #14 – Through You

This is a tool that allows you to perceive how energy flows. 
Using previous applications, this is an introduction to energy flow through your body using your hands. 
Road Signs and Series Conclusion


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