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Entire book rewrite as I AM A I  (25.4m)
Introduction, Warning, Contents, Prologue, and  Chapter 1, Overview  (1.62m)
Chapter 2, Postulates and Theorems  (524kb)
Chapter 3, The Correction and the Mirror  (2.18m)
Chapter 4, Realities and the Human Matrix  (9.4m)
Chapter 5, Formula of Effectiveness and Motivational Analysis  (1.84m)
Chapter 6, Exercises and Disciplines  (436kb)
Chapter 7, Concerning Psychic Phenomenon  (494kb)
Chapter 8, Concerning Metaphysical Tools and  Music Use  (694kb)
Chapter 9, Concerning Magic  (1.68m)
Chapter 10, Concerning World Religions and Miracles and Epilogue  (1.22m)
Index  (7.63m)

 Just Released

The Truth Tuning Toolkit as just been released in paperback and hard cover.
(for ordering hard copy book go to order info.)

For individual application electronic downloads and the free pdf. version go to the Toolkit web page.

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