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Purpose of I AM A I, the Toolkit,
and this web site
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       Truth is the "laws by which something works".  Because of this if one wishes to exist in an environment, one must work in the 'truths' of that environment.  Survival of any being within an environment is contingent on how well they work in the laws of the environment the being inhabits. 
       Long term survival is contingent on how eternal the truths that are being applied.  Application of eternal universal truths ensures long term survival of that being's species.

      As stated in the home page, this web site's basic purpose is to be a public service.  The information in this web site is considered crucial to our survival as beings -- Life -- on this planet and it approaches this from two different levels:

  • Physical
  • Non-physical -- Metaphysical/Spiritual

    • The physical approach contains an introduction to the Enigma of Coulomb's LawThis page informs you about the 'holy grail' of the early electrical pioneers (Volta, Ohm, Faraday...) and the enigma around it.  Literally, around a million tons of force is available if you hold a milliampere’s worth of current in one place at one time.  Presented is an application that addresses this.  Essentially it is a high voltage electric field isolation transformer.
    • Also with the physical approach is the virtual photon power converter -- quantum converter.
    • There is also a web page integrating the concept of the virtual photon to I AM A I's model.
    • In addition, with the vectors web page, there are some exercises in custom polarizing EMF fields as well examing special standing wave photons.

Non-physical -- Metaphysical/Spiritual

    • Mysticism is like in diving, acrobatics, and martial arts, "where the head goes the body follows".
    • The metaphysical/spiritual approach uses the mystic science textbook I AM A I.  This book is a hands on  metaphysics textbook for non mystics.  It introduces to you some basic mystical concepts and applications.
    • Also in the metaphysical approach is the Truth Tuning Toolkit.  These are experiments extracted from I AM A I and converted into a set of generic exercises or applications.  These applications extend your mind beyond its current perceived limits.  Because these exercises are so basic, they can operate independent of and/or in congruent with your personal spiritual philosophy.

    I AM A I is a metaphysics manual for the curious or 'would be' mystics.  The broad spectrum approach of I AM A I can also be helpful to those who have performed their own investigations and even to those who interests are in the mundane -- everyday life.  This is because of the universal nature of the truths presented.
    I AM A I was modeled after a college 'physics for non-science majors' textbook.  The book presents a very basic map; and, reminds you that the map is not the terrain. It is your personal application of I AM A I's and the Toolkit's material that will make the difference in your life, not the study of it.  Studying gravity doesn't really help you walk better.

      The exercises in I AM A I  and the Toolkit are very generic simple applications.  These applications are so basic that their effects can occur independent from and/or in congruent with whatever spiritual philosophy you may or may not have.  Like most 'sciences', to perceive results belief is not required, only a requisite set of conditions.

What is the purpose of I AM A I and the Toolkit?
There are a number of them. 
Some are:

Purpose # 1
To expose you to a set of working universal mystical truths.
  • One of the purposes is to empirically expose you to a set of metaphysical truths/laws and their applications, which will produce an effect within you when applied.  That effect will be in relationship to your intentions -- a specific set of conditions.
  • Many of these applications are ancient and appear in numerous world religions or mystical practices.  Here-in lies the empirical nature of the spiritual/mystical metaphysical.  Contemplatives of major religions agree on an individual having to do the same thing to wake up.

        This also includes de-mystifying mysticism.  Some things are a mystery because of where you are 'standing' when you look at them.  Change how you look at something, and mysteries can disappear. 
Purpose # 2
To present a unified model of all of Creation -- physical and metaphysical.
  • Another purpose of I AM A I is to unite the two science schools -- physical and metaphysical -- in a comprehensive paradigm and show how they can relate to each other.  Because they can relate, physical science and math analogies are used to help illustrate metaphysical/spiritual conditions or operations.

         A physical technician works with laws that pertain to physical form and perform operations external to the technician in time and space, while a metaphysical technician can work with laws relevant to their internal operation and work outside time and space – with the eternal. (Which, can possibly affect time and space.)  There can be a tension when looking from one science into the other.
         To help alleviate the tension and construct a comprehensive model or paradigm that synthesizes the two sciences.  A definition for truth in I AM A I is, “laws by which something works”.  That means that Newton's Laws of Motion are truths; just as, Karma is a truth.  One operates in a temporal reference while the other can have an eternal reference. 
         It is as if,  one science is detailed oriented yet missing the big picture -- looking from the bottom up; while, the other sees a big picture and skips over the small details -- looking from the top down.  And...there are numerous ways the two sciences can relate to one another. 
         An example of how they can relate -- a synthesis -- is in the writings that have Jesus saying, “The kingdom of heaven is within you and without you.”1 The same can be said of the laws of physics.  Gravity is ‘within you and without you.’  Accordingly, so are the truths of motion, harmonics, thermodynamics, etc.  They are all ‘within you and without you’.  All the laws that generate physical form are 'within you and without you' right now.

         Another example of a synthesis is: just as gravity is invisible -- you can only see its effects, so is God's Love.  Ironically, all mutable visible physical form is based on a set of immutable invisible laws.  Or...there is an invisible 'world' -- set of laws -- sustaining our visible 'world'.  This 'invisible behind the visible' idea is a universal metaphysical concept that has been taught for thousands of years.

    I AM A I proposes that God's Absolute Love has an Absolute Logic.  Einstein's vision of the universe did not negate Newton's vision of the universe; Einstein said Newton's Universe is a 'special case' of Einstein's Universe. I AM A I proposes the logic within the physical sciences finite temporal/spatial references are reflections or ‘special cases’ within God's Logic. 

Purpose # 3
To give you a set a personal tools to help you affect your self.
  • Religion is the personal relationship between you and your Creator...ix.  An additional purpose of this web site is to present a useful set of tools and their applications that can help you cultivate that relationship. 
  • Because God is all encompassing, these tools will work in your life no matter what your current life's focus might be -- spiritual or non-spiritual.  These tools give you a base to start your own personal practice -- exploration.

         To give you a set of tools that are applicable to the presented model and your life.  The Truth Tuning Toolkit. presents the tools without the model.  Because the information in I AM A I is so comprehensive, the tools presented in both books will work for a multitude of endeavors or applications, mundane or spiritual.  These tools will work when correctly applied as long as specific conditions are met. You do not have to be a mystic, a contemplative, a witch doctor, or even be religious for these tools and their applications to be relevant in your life. 
Purpose # 4
To help you expand your mind beyond its current perceptual limits.
  • Another purpose of I AM A I and the Toolkit is to expose you to elements of your mind that you may not know existed -- to open your mind.

        To expand your mental ‘horizons’. I AM A I exposes you to your mind's operation, its limits, and that you are not your mortal mind – you are the Beloved of God/Goddess/Force... 
        In other words, to help you remove some of your self imposed blocks to Love's Presence.
    I AM A I proposes that your mind is your temporal vehicle in your temporal body just as your temporal body is your vehicle in the temporal physical world, a tool.  Just like your body, your mortal mind can be manipulated, reprogrammed, and its temporal limits used -- coordinated.  Like any tool it your mind has variations of use, levels of use -- what truths it is applying, and can perform a multitude of tasks.
In Summation
           The intent of this web site and these books is to bring that which is in the 'back of your mind' (and which you already know) to the 'front of your mind' for you to apply, to help you remember who you really are.
1, Jesus couldn't say God was within you...  That would be a heresy and a stoning offense.
Figure 3-7 Instant Karma and Time Folding
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