A collection of I AM A I illustrations and Yantra templates
With 10 yantra blanks you can customize
(downloadable images images are in .pdf format)
*a yantra is a visual meditation aid

 Blank Yantra Downloads (Exercise 3 blanks --  Pre-drawn Figures)

These are examples of Black and White Filled Yantras given in Homework and Lab Assignment 2: Creating Mandalas (and are in the beginning and ending of each chapter of I AM A I)
These are Golden Section Yantra templates downloads.  All the above yantras are derived from the 10 point template.
4 point 8 point 5 point
10 point 6 point 12 point
7 point 14 point

Chapter Illustrations
Figure 1-5, The Golden Section or Mean Figure 2-1, Three-in-One; One-in-Three Figure 3-1, The Correction Figure 3-2, Physical BTRs
Figure 3-3, Life Manifesting into Physical Form Figure 3-5, The Mirror Figure 3-6, Manifestation of Physical Form Figure 3-7 The Seal of Solomon
Figure 3-8, Gyroscope Figure 3-9, Instant Karma and Time Folding Figure 3-9.1 Cause, Effect, and Change of Time Figure 4-2, Temporal Matrix Storages
Figure 4-2.1 Camera Figure 4-3, Storages Figure 4-6 Mental/Emotional Sets Figure 4-7, Dampening a Brass Tube
Figure 4-4, The Mortal Mind Matrix...a block diagram
Chart 4-4, Flows within Figure 4-4
Figure 4-8, Human Matrix, Chakras, and Truth Ringing Levels Formula of Effectiveness Formula of Effectiveness -- Application Formula of Effectiveness -- Ideal
Figure 5-1, Algebraic Quantities Figure 5-2, Formula Construction
Exercise #5: “How Do I See _____?” Exercise #5: “How Do I See _____?”  (Example)
I Want Figure 8-1, Music and Blank Mind Overheard at a 'Dead Concert" Figure 9-1, Three in One, One in Three Parallels
Figure 9-2, Manifestation Onion  Figure 9-3, Parallels to the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life  Figure 9-4, Idea Extension Through Reality Matrices  Figure 9-6 Reality Alignments 
Allegory of the Cave "We have met the enemy..." Ezekiel's Vision

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