The Enigma of Coulomb's Law 

(or...infinte energy all around us)

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       Within the current science paradigm all physical -- finite/temporal -- form is an effect of four interactions, weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravity.  Of these four, 21/2 involve the inverse square law -- weak nuclear, gravity, and the electric field component of the electromagnetic.  When a formula involving the inverse square law is plugged into a potential energy formula, a result is a mathematical infinity (wikipedia). 
       With gravity, this infinite potential energy manifests to us as black holes.   With electric fields, this infinite potential energy makes its appearance in Coulomb's Law -- the power in 'static cling'.

      At first glance the formulas of Coulomb's Law and Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation appear very similar.  Both determine forces present, one electrical and the other gravitational. 
  •  Newton's law determines gravitational forces; how much we weigh.  While, Coulomb's Law determines forces between electrical charges.  We experience this force as static cling.
  •  Newton's law works with mass.  While Coulomb's works with charges.
  •  FYI: 1 ampere is 1 coulomb of charge (6.2422 x 1018 electrons) passing a given point in one second. 
Universal Law of Gravitation
--> mass 1
 (m1) x (m2)
--> mass 2
F = (K) x

--> distance between masses -- meters
--> 6.7 x 10-11 (N)(m2)/kg2
--> Force
Coulomb's Law
--> charge 1 (measured in coulombs)
(q1) x (q2)
--> charge 2
F = (K) x

--> distance between charges -- meters
--> 9.0 x 109 (N)(m2)/q2
--> Force
          Upon closer examination, due to the constants (K) they are quite different.  If ones (1) were placed in the places of m1, m2, and d of Newton's law, the resultant force of gravity would be relatively insignificant.  However, if ones (1) were placed in the places of q1, q2, and d of Coulomb's Law, the resultant force would be incredible.  It would roughly translate to about a 1,000,000  tons.
         This means if you have (for one moment) one ampere's worth of current of positive charge and one ampere's worth of current of negative charge with a meter's distance between them the ‘static cling’ force would be about million tons.
          Now, reduce all the variable of Coulomb's Law by a thousand (.001) and the force available would still be about million tons.  This means if you have (for one moment in time and space) one milliampere’s worth of positive charge and one milliampere’s worth of negative charge with a millimeter between them the ‘static cling’ force would still be about 1,000,000 tons.

          My electronics college instructor told us that after Coulomb's Law was published, numerous people 'jumped' on it to try to tap into this physical force. From Volta, Ohm, Faraday, Franklin, etc. we got our laws of electricity. terms of an application of Coulomb's Law, they all walked away "scratching their head" (instructor's words). 
          An effective power application of Coulomb's Law was the 'holy grail' for the early electrical pioneers. 

          Why hasn't this been used? The problem is like charges repel each other. To create a condition that holds a bunch of electrons in one place, those electrons have to be put under pressure. Pressure in electrical terms is voltage. To create a condition that would use this force, a very high voltage would have to be used. 
          This is not that difficult to do; and, it does create some arcing problems. Specially, if put these high voltages are in close proximity to each other with only a small air gap. 
          That much voltage is hard to contain. So, electric field forces’ usage has been restricted to small power scale applications like watches and power meters. 
          Coulomb's Law is why high voltage capacitors will always be ‘chunky’. We have the thin material that can stand the high voltage. But, the capacitor plates can't be too close together. If the plates were too close together, the force between the plates literally causes the plates to pinch the insulator and shorts out the capacitor. 

The Enigma of Coulombs Law

       There are all kinds of physical logistic problems in actually creating this condition. And...physics is famous for hypothetical perfect machines.  Suppose that there is a device where the physical logistics problems have been solved. The enigma of Coulomb's Law is; no way would you have to exert the electrical equivalent of that amount of force to energize the machine. 
          True, again, there are numerous physical difficulties. And...all physical problems aside, the math says the resultant force is more than what had to be put in to create it. 
          To give you an idea of the discrepancy between the electrical 'input' and the physical 'output', a half cycle voltage spike from a Tesla coil can momentarily supply the voltage and current necessary for the .001 example used above -- a million tons of force. 
          Coulomb's Law is an apparent major ‘glitch’ in the current science paradigm.1  It is an apparent anomaly or exception to two basic physics axioms: 
"Nothing can be created or destroyed."
"You can't get something for nothing." 
          One of my electronics college instructors worked for a high power AM radio station when he was younger. He told us the story of what happened when a million volt capacitor accidentally connected to a low voltage variable tuning capacitor. (A capacitor stores electrical charge. The variable tuning capacitor is used in this instance to keep the radio station on frequency. This type of variable capacitor was two sets of parallel mounted metal plates. They were arranged such that one set could move freely between the other set without touching.) 
          The story goes, that the charged million volt capacitor got connected to the normally low voltage tuning capacitor . There was a very loud "thunk". (The noise was so loud everybody in the building jumped.) 
The observed result was the instantaneous forces generated from Coulomb's Law was so great, that afterwards, the formerly moveable plates were pushed together by such a pressure that "It was impossible to take the tuning capacitor apart." 
          Within the current energy/power mechanical paradigm, to do this, such that the plates stay together and do not separate, something like a hydraulic press or a drop forge would be needed.  A mechanical device that exerts tons of force would be needed.  Yet...a discharging electrical energy storage -- a capacitor --  device did this. 

          In terms of the loud noise, using F = MA as a reference and assuming the mass of the tuning capacitor plates is relatively small, the acceleration on the capacitor plates -- toward one another -- could have been so great that the sound barrier may have been broken.  Specially when, that force would increase exponentially as the plates approached one another.

          There is a whole study in physics around this called quantum electro-dynamics. One explanation that current physicists propose is that there are virtual photons and these virtual photons have the potential of infinite force and are everywhere. Creating this electrical condition brings the infinite potential of virtual photons from the virtual realm to the physical realm.
          As I understand the theory, all temporary photonic activity gets its energy from virtual photons.  The induction field around a radio antenna is considered to be of a virtual photon.  So is the electric field of a capacitor.  (See
          Most of the time these photons obey the conservation of energy rule.  And...

"The Coulomb force (static electric force) between electric charges.  It is caused by the exchange of virtual photons.  In symmetric 3-dimensional space this exchange results in the inverse square law for electric force. Since the photon has no mass, the coulomb potential has an infinite range." 
(wikipedia, underlining is mine)

         If you learn anything from this web page, 'walk' away with this: 

There is a source of incredible power or energy; that we have known about for a long time, and may be overlooking. 
The ideas like the the electric field isolation transformer and the quantum converter are to explore possible applications or ways to access this force.  Another web page presents an explanation of this anomaly.  An overview of virtual photon theory with an integration into I AM A I's paradigm can be seen here.
1) Coulomb's Law is not the only 'glitch' within the physic's axioms of "Nothing can be created or destroyed and You can't get something for nothing".
     Gravity raises some interesting questions as well. Given Newton's Laws of Motion and the laws of the relationship of energy to force and then to say, "you can't get something for nothing": where is the energy coming from that accelerates the masses towards each other? 
     The ideas "you can't get something for nothing" or "nothing can be created or destroyed" appear to apply to everything except the five basic interactions that define physical form: weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electro-magnetic, gravity, and life.
     [Life is included as an interaction here (though it is not 'officially' recognized as such) because it has its own intrinsic characteristics. True, a specific array of the other four interactions are necessary for life to manifest. And once it does manifest, it manipulates the other interactions to continually extend itself into physical form.  See the book I AM A I
It appears that the very interactions that defines the physics paradigm can defy the paradigm.

2) Infinite power -- virtual photons?  If nothing can be created or destroyed, where or what is behind this power; what is the virtual photon emitter?  God?  Or...God's Eternal Moment of Creation (see Chapters 2 and 3 of I AM A I or Virtual Photon Theory to the nth degree)?

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