The Compleat Virtual Photon Theory

(Or, The "That's too much information." Department)

          This webpage is to take the concept of the virtual photon theory into a logical interface with I AM A I's paradigm. 
          One webpage gave the virtual photon explanation of the VPPC.  Another article in that webpage gave the electrical field explanation of the VPPC.  This article is to take the concept of the virtual photon theory to the nth degree.  It’s overview time again.

          Assuming non-conservative virtual photons are involved with electric fields (as well as gravity and weak nuclear).  With every atom in existence, and in your body, the electron array present in its atomic shell is determined by electric fields.  This means for every electron movement along with its relationship to other electrons and the atomic nucleus within that atom, VPRs – virtual photon references -- are present.  It can be said physical form reflects these VPR relationships. 
          Two and a half of the four recognized physics interactions, which all physical form consists of in the current science paradigm, have non-conservative – VPR -- qualities.  Gravity, weak nuclear, and the electric element of electromagnetic (that’s the half) present non-conservation of energy characteristics.  These are the interactions that give the electrons direction in a water drop as well as forms galaxies and atomic particles.  VPRs, along with all the other laws of physical form involving BTRs – Bubbles of Temporal/spatial Reference -- have the potential of being physically everywhere at once.
          Gravity, Bernoulli’s principle, gas laws, thermodynamics, etc. can manifest – be observed -- anywhere and at any time when the right conditions are presented.  These forces/interactions and laws are “with in you and without you” as you are reading this.  These truths/laws form the matrix from which you -- and whatever physical environment you may find your self in -- operate.
          All this presents a picture of the virtual photon concept looking from the “bottom to the top”, from the perception of Man to the nature of the Universe.   Now to “kick it up a notch” and approach the subject from the ‘top down’ – Universe too Man -- and integrate the two.

          These seven postulates begin this particular ‘top down’ sequence (from I AM A I, Chapter 2 – Postulates and Theorems: (Yes, it’s ‘pulpit time’)

Postulate 1:   There is one God, the Source-less Source, the Formless Form.  Absolute Will that is Eternal and Infinite in nature. 
          Yes, there is a God.  This God, like gravity, exists independent of any human – mortal – thought or beliefs.
All energy, free or otherwise, comes from God, “All things come from God”; it is a closed system.  This concept is probably the only relevancy this the rest of this posting has with this website.   This article is about the source and mechanics of all “free energy”, or the “Force” behind it.

Postulate 2:   God’s Absolute Will actualizes as an Absolute Eternal Love 

Postulate 3:   God’s Absolute Love has an Absolute, Logical, Eternal Mind.
          The mortal – human -- reference of this is your mind and heart is one thing.

Postulate 4:   God’s Logical Mind is a matrix of Absolute, Eternal Truth.

Postulate 5:   Creation is an Eternal effect of God’s Truth Matrix.
          or, Creation is an Eternal idea within the Mind of God.
          The following is one of the theorems derived from this postulate and is also in this ‘top down’ sequence.
Theorem 10A:  The God-Creation process occurs in Eternity. 
          Or, The God-Creative process is Eternally occurring. 
          This is the oft mentioned ‘eternal now’.  All energy as we know it begins here.

Postulate 6:   I am God’s Creation.
          This postulate develops your personal identity to this sequence.  You are the “beloved of God”.
The first six postulates are One, Infinite, and Eternal and therefore operate outside all temporal spatial references either physical or symbolic like language. 

Postulate 7:   God’s Creation created/miscreated an untruth. 
          What is this untruth?  One way it can be expressed is, “There is something other than God.”
One math analogy is the concept of taking the square root – even root -- of a negative number.  In this example, a condition occurs in mathematics that “does not compute”.  This condition calls forth the imaginary number system, a ‘special case’ within the real number system.  And, it is a ‘special case’ that is dependent on an operation in the real number system.  Just as the untruth being presented here is a ‘special case’ of the Truth.  (Side note: As soon as the ‘special case’ is eliminated from an equation – no even radical of a negative number, the imaginary number system is no longer relevant – ceases to exist in the equation.) 
          It is with this last postulate that time and space becomes possible.  Another mathematics analogy is the concepts of infinite and finite being mutually exclusive.  If something is not infinite, it’s finite.  If something is not finite, it’s infinite.  The same can be said of the concepts eternal and temporal; they are mutually exclusive.  If something is not temporal – subject to time, it is eternal.  If something is created that is not eternal then it must be temporal. 
          Again, the concept of time and space begins here.

          The eternal-infinite/temporal-finite relationship is like this.  The infinite/finite relationship can involve an infinity containing an infinite number of finites within it.  (As well as, an infinity can contain an infinite number of infinites)  The laws that determine physical form are, for the most part eternally constant.  If they weren’t, there would be no continuity to physical form, no science, and no mathematics.  Yet, all temporal/spatial change operates from and fits inside of a set of eternal laws/truths. 

          From a sub-atomic particle to a galaxy, all temporal/spatial change operates through a set of eternal laws/truth.  Ultimately, in today’s physics paradigm, everything physical can be reduced to the involvement of the four recognized basic eternally constant interactions – weak nuclear, strong nuclear, electromagnetic, and gravity.  And, as pointed out previously, two and a half of those recognized interactions have some virtual photon involvement – non-conservative characteristics. 
          (Life is the fifth interaction; and as of yet, physical science does not recognize it as such.   On another level, life is also another example of the Eternal Moment of Creation continually extending itself into the physical – time/space – with life’s infinite possibilities of form.) 

          In the model that is being presented here, there is only one virtual photon outside all temporal/spatial references.  This virtual photon that is behind physical form is a ‘special case’ – an extension -- of the Eternal Moment of Creation, Theorem 10A.  The virtual photon and the matrix of physical laws/interactions it manifests provide the “Lathe of Heaven” that sustains and activates physical form.   This Virtual Photon is Eternal Infinite based; like gravity, it has the potential to be in all time/space events.   And, because the source of the Virtual Photon is outside all temporal/spatial references -- the Eternal Moment of Creation, this one Virtual Photon can be everywhere at once; kind of like gravity or any physical law. 
          When a specific set of conditions are met, the infinite potential energy of the Eternal Moment of Creation, the Virtual photon, manifests – is observable -- in physical form, be it through electric fields, gravity, or in weak nuclear interactions. 

          Returning back to the original ‘top down’ reference, a basic concept introduced in the beginning is to be restated.  “The kingdom of Heaven is within you and without you.”  (Jesus couldn’t say God because that would be heresy and a stoning offense.)   Physical form is in the ‘special case’ of the untruth, where an all encompassing Absolute Love -- Heaven -- allots a place for its apparent absence or negation -- fear.  Physical form is the corner of Heaven that is set aside where Absolute Love allows itself to be forgotten. 
          Using yet another mathematical analogy, temporal/spatial – physical -- form is the zero area and/or just above the zero area of an eternal Mandelbrot type equation – the dark spot in an eternal fractal.  “You are here.” 
          Above the ‘zero area’, there are infinities within infinities within infinities…infinitely – God -- along with this is the infinite multiplicity of possibilities of physical form. 

          This may be all intellectually interesting and how does all this relate to you and me.  The very last theorem in the postulate/theorem sequence that is being introduced is:   (“Who are you?”)

Theorem 32: I am/we are in a generated delusion of duality. 
          How this relates to you and me is there is only One Mind behind and in physical and metaphysical Creation.  You are the Beloved of God – Postulate 6.  Who you think you are is a limited temporal/spatial version of that one Infinite Eternal Mind manifesting in a form that appears to have temporal/spatial limits.  Because of this; there can be an infinite temporal/spatial ‘variations on a theme’ of that One Eternal Mind manifesting, an infinite number of mortal minds spread through all time and space. 
          This is not that esoteric.  A simple water molecule can create infinite ‘variations on a theme’ with molecular matrices -- snowflakes.  Both are representative of closed systems in infinity.  It’s the time/space ignor-ance involved, with us, that can boggle the mortal brain.  (The One Mind and its time/space ignor-ance is at the core of all ESP mechanics.)
          In other words, there is only I Am; the ‘I’ is a delusional state.  You are not who you think you are.

          In terms of the VPPC and the EFT introduced to this website, they are just physical ‘toys’ that can demonstrate the true potential that is within you and what sustains all physical creation.  These ‘toys’ can contribute to survival or self sustenance; as well as, help make physical existence be a little more comfortable.  They may also serve as an ‘umbrella’ or an ark for the “hard rain is gonna fall”.
          Yet, these devices pale besides the reality they work from and is you.  “Had you but faith…”  (In thaumaturgical magic, all power comes from God.  Those who wish to be a mage must go to God within them first to get ‘the power’.) 
          The bottom line is that these ‘toys’ aren’t as important as remembering your Creator/ix as you use them, or as you use any other tool for that matter.  (If it is a loving deity, your perceptions of that deity and/or its name are also unimportant.)  Or, in other words, remembering the Source – Bigger Picture -- as you play with your toys.
It is your intention behind your usage of any ‘toy’ or tool that is important; the ‘toys’ or tools are neutral. Whatever meaning they have for us is what we give it.  You can use a scalpel to correct a medical condition or use it to commit serial murders.  The VPPC can run a mushroom farm or a war machine.  It is how comprehensive – truthful -- your perceptions are and your intention behind an application of those perceptions that is everything.  (If your perceptions are fractured, the effects are liable to be fractured)  This includes your applications of both metaphysical truths/laws as well as the laws of physics -- everything you do.

          In conclusion, this webpage took the concept of “free energy” to its logical end point.  You have been presented with the truth -- “laws by which something works” (or an accurate symbolic representation of the effect of said laws).  This webpage integrates the physical (in the VPPC) with the metaphysical (with I AM A I concepts) and then gave you an overview. 
          What you have been presented with is a closed system; it is a closed system in God’s Love.  The VPPC is just another ‘special case’ in that closed system, like a telephone or street light. 
          This is so much theory.  (Or as Fritz Perls would call it so much “elephant shit”.)  It is your application of any information that produces results. What you do with this information is ‘your call’ -- Infinite Eternal Love outside of time and space allows for this.  The end point is the same.  Free will in the ‘course of life’ does not mean you can establish the curriculum, only what you want to take and when. 

 “If you think it’s a joke, 
That’s all right, do what you want to do.
I’ve said my peace. 
And I leave it all up to you.”
(Moody Blues)

A Place to Stand
          Your belief in this information is irrelevant.  Truth works when applied independent of your belief.  Here is a side note on the truth/untruth mechanics.  Be advised that Truth -- “laws by which something works”, both physically (Actual reality) and metaphysically (Absolute Reality) -- is also invulnerable and independent.  Let’s see you ‘punch-out’ gravity; the concept is non-sequitar.  Truth can not be hurt or affected by any thing we do.  This is how Truth can present an ‘anchor’ or ‘a place to stand’ for us in a sea of changes; Truth never changes. 
          Also, going along with the invulnerable concept is Truth does not have to argue; it is.  (Nor, does Truth have to advertise.)  Truth is totally independent; it does not have to be enforced or re-enforced. Nobody has to enforce gravity or thermodynamics; again, they just are. 
          You can argue or question the content of Truth as much as you want.  Your arguments have no affect on the Truth.  Arguments about gravity have no effect on the courses of stars and planets or changes how you walk on this planet.  All these arguments do is determine whether or not a perception of Truth – Laws of your Creation --will be incorporated in your life by you.

          Conversely, untruth is dependent.  Untruth must be enforced or re-enforced constantly like any Consensual reality.  A Consensual reality is a reality of agreement.  All symbolic communication, with the agreement of word meanings, is a Consensual reality.  If there is no agreement, the Consensual reality fails.  In addition, every time a word meaning is agreed upon the meaning of the word is re-enforced in the Consensual reality. 
          Any Consensual reality will collapse if someone comes along and disagrees with it.  The truth spoken by anybody can threaten a Consensual reality.
          People using untruth will argue; while, not directly confronting Truth up close.  Untruth will attack Truth from a distance, where it’s ‘safe’.  It avoids direct contact; just because, contact means it will automatically dissolve into the ‘special case’ of Truth that it is.  This happens whenever untruth is brought to the Truth.  Since Truth is Loves Logic and this Love is a closed system – all encompassing – the untruth automatically takes its place in the Absolute Truth Matrix.  Just as, imaginary number system automatically has its relationship within the real numbers.
          Because the Truth itself is invulnerable, it is the fashion – history -- of those using untruth to distract, manipulate, misinform, attack the Truth’s messenger’s credibility, ostracize, imprison, or murder.  Untruth will do anything; just so, Truth is not present in your mind or to maintain the current Consensual reality. 

(For details of some distraction techniques, see the short humorous book “Screwtape Letters” by C. S. Lewis) 


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