This is a public service web site with relatively important free information.  This information is in two parts, physical and metaphysical.  The physical is orientated with free energy; while, the metaphysical or spiritually orientated is with text books.
  • The physical information concerns itself with a number of devices that custom create an electromagnetic envelope -- customizing a photon. 
  • The metaphysical/mystical information is in the form of a mystic science textbook I AM A I and the self-help/how-to book The Truth Tuning Toolkit.  The Toolkit is a set of very basic mental exercise applications distilled from I AM A I's lab experiments.
(All text material is available for free in electronic form; book form, requires moneys.-- see ordering information)

"For  the spiritual 'freak', A free mystic science textbook I AM A I
Unfolding the Flower
You are not your mind, your heart, or your body; you are God’s Creation – the Beloved of God.  Because of this, no one needs help to be who they really are.  The concept is non-sequitar.  It is like saying the stars need help to shine.
Where help may be needed is transcending the self imposed limits we have created for ourselves.   This area of the web site can help you transcend some of these self imposed limits.  You will learn tools to help you dissolve the untruth within you that so that the Truth of who you really are can manifest. 

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Truth Tuning Toolkit
It has been said, "To change the world, you must change yourself."  All physical change is based on a set of immutable laws that never change - gravity, motion, gas laws, etc.  Accordingly, to change yourself; you must do so applying laws that never change - are eternal. 
        The information here will introduce to you that which never changes within you and provide applications. 

        Any person's perception or conceptual understanding of what God is -- singular or group -- is like any person's perception or conceptual understanding of what the world is -- singular or group.  There always be an element/s missing.  Any person's (or persons') perception/conceptual understanding of the world is not the actuality of the world (including this book).   In addition,  limited mortal mind/minds "can't take in" all the conceptual details involved with the infinite/eternal.

It is in the application of the 'truths' within the concepts that produces effect, not talking or thinking about them.

The Truth Tuning Toolkit
has just been released in book form.
The ‘Toolkit’ is a distillation of mystic science book I AM A I’s labs into a set of elementary mental exercises that, with application can effect an expansion in one’s personal awareness.   The Toolkit uses the same model as I AM A I with a minimum of model presentation.
It can do this for the definition of truth in the Toolkit is, “laws by which something works”.  You do not need to know about the laws of gravity or motion; you just have to apply them.  Eternal truths work when applied independent of belief or intellectual knowledge.
And…just as you had to learn to apply the laws/truths of motion and the laws/truths of gravity in order to physically walk, the ‘Toolkit’ gives you a multitude of exercise options – applications --that work along the laws/truths of your being.  These applications are performed by you -- behind the eyes and between the ears – and can, with repetition, effect a permanent expansion of your personal awareness; the applications can expand your mental horizons.   For the contents in detail see the ‘Toolkit’ webpage.

You will find The Truth Tuning Toolkit useful if:
• You wish to expand your mortal mind’s perception on either the mundane level or the spiritual level or both.
• You are looking for a spiritual mechanics how-to book without ponderous philosophies.
• You wish to explore what your mind can do.
• You think/feel there is ‘something else’.

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Or the Science 'geek',

       The electro-magnetic event is looked at here, along with creating a customized electro-magnetic field envelope -- a photon. 
       One application uses a dedicated power supply to create a voltage/electric field component while another dedicated power supply creates a current/magnetic field component.  These fields are phased, polarized, and inductively mixed in a closed conductive system such that the induced fields created in that closed conductive system emits a custom electro-magnetic envelope with its own intrinsic properties -- customizing an electromagnetic photon.
       The electric field transformer and motor uses a conductive mass core as the closed conductive system.  The quantum converter uses the coil/plate/coil/plate assembly and induces a current on that assembly.

      Also here, it is pointed out that there is an elephant in science's kitchen and it has been there for some time. 

The Three Vectors -- the game
The Enigma of Coulomb's Law
Electric Field Transformer +
VPPC or Quantum Converter
A Virtual Photon Theory 

Just don't peek!!!" (A "days of  futures past" department)
Pandora's Box